Imagery and Contemplation

This 6-week course introduces two different styles of meditation: intentional meditation and inquiry.

During the course we discuss:

  • styles of meditation
  • intentional meditation using imagery
    • imagery: what it is, why it’s useful and how it works
    • guided imagery practices for inner peace, health and well-being
    • affirmations: what they are, how to create them and how to use them
  • intentional meditation to cultivate certain qualities
    • forgiveness: myths about forgiveness, benefits of cultivating forgiveness, guided meditation
    • gratitude: what it is, benefits of cultivating gratitude, guided meditation
    • loving-kindness: what it is, benefits of cultivating loving-kindness, guided meditation
  • inquiry or contemplation
    • what contemplation is and why it’s useful
    • steps for contemplation
    • contemplations for exploring difficult emotions, turning points, purpose and passion, and the good in you

Course materials

You’ll receive a printed handout each week, plus access to online materials (meditation instructions, guided meditations and readings).

Times, dates and location





The course is run by Dey Alexander, a registered meditation teacher with Meditation Australia.

Course policies

Background questionnaire

After you register, we will email you a link to a background questionnaire. Each attendee must fill this out before the course starts.

Refunds are not available

We don’t offer refunds once the course has started because:

  • we decide whether to go ahead with the course based on balancing the income from enrolments against the costs
  • you get access to the course materials from the first session.