About Dey

24178982818_dbfac75396_oAn ‘accidental’ meditator

I came to meditation almost 20 years ago, more or less by accident. I’d been asked to accompany a friend to a full-day learn-to-meditate course. I had no interest in meditation — and perhaps a little skepticism about it — but agreed to go along to offer my support.

It’s fair to say, it was a life-changing decision. At one point during the course, I struggled with a powerful emotion. With nowhere to go, I just had to let it flow. In the end, I felt a huge weight had been lifted. It was enough to motivate me to start a daily meditation practice.

Meditation teacher training

Fast-forward 17 years and I started a meditation teacher training course at the Yarra Valley Living Centre (part of the Gawler Cancer Foundation). In the first course module, I learned how to teach mindfulness meditation. In the second module, we covered intentional practices (like loving-kindness and guided imagery). And in the final module we delved a little deeper into mindfulness and spirituality.

Registration with Meditation Australia

In late 2018, I registered as a meditation teacher with Meditation Association Australia. Formed just over 10 years ago, the association is Australia’s peak body for meditation and meditation teaching. It promotes meditation as an integral part of life.

Registered Meditation Teacher with Meditation Association of Australia