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The busyness of life

Most of us live busy lives. We’re busy at work. Busy with family. Busy juggling our many other commitments. Busy trying to do well, or just to keep up.

With all this busyness, stress and anxiety are lurking — occasionally getting on top of us. We’ve forgotten how to relax. And many of us have problems sleeping. We’re living in the ‘red zone’ and it’s making us sick and unhappy.

As human beings, we need connection. Connection with those around us. Connection with nature. Connection with life. Connection with our deeper self.

Meditation can help

Our weekly meditation groups provide a place for you to take some time out to find connection.

And our meditation courses help you learn to slow down and live more mindfully. You’ll find out how to be present for your life, and discover the peace and stillness that is within you.

Who we are

Heart of Mindfulness is run by Dey Alexander.

Dey has been meditating for almost two decades and is registered as a meditation teacher with Meditation Australia.

Meditation courses

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Mindfulness-based Stillness Meditation

Over 8 weekly sessions, you’ll learn how to practice mindfulness meditation. And we’ll show you how you can carry mindfulness into your daily life.

If you want to live in the moment and live with ease, we recommend this course. You’ll need to be willing to make a commitment to yourself, and set aside a little time each day to develop your practice.

See Mindfulness-based Stillness Meditation course description.

Note: We can offer this course to individuals or work groups. Please contact us for details.

Imagery and Contemplation

This 6-week course is an introduction to two different styles of meditation:

  • intentional meditation, which includes imagery, affirmations and the cultivation of qualities such as gratitude, forgiveness and loving-kindness
  • inquiry, contemplation and self-reflection.

See Imagery and Contemplation course description.

Meditation groups

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“When we sit together, we create a collective energy of mindfulness that is very powerful. When we sit with others, we profit from their quality of being and we profit from everyone’s practice. When we sit together, each one of us contributes to the quality of the whole… The collective energy is very supportive and effective in helping us gain insight and transform difficulties.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Sunday Sit @ 8.30 am

Most Sunday mornings we host a small group meditation. This will usually be a 30-minute guided meditation, especially if we have new people attending. There may be a short introduction beforehand.

Next sessions:

  • December 2, 9, 16. No sit on December 23 or 30.

Mindfulness on Mondays @ 6.00 pm

Our Monday group is a 30-minute mindfulness meditation. This will be guided if new people attend. Otherwise, this may be a silent sit.

Next sessions:

  • December 3, 10, 17. No sit on December 24 or 31.

How to join us

These sessions are usually held at a private home. So we need to know if you’re coming to ensure we’ll have enough space.

Call Dey Alexander on 0419 556470. Sundays and Mondays are the best days to call.

There is no charge to attend.

Meditation on Facebook Live


Wednesdays @ 6.30 am AEDT

We may not be able to sit in the same room, but we can still support each other’s practice.

Join us for a 30-minute silent meditation (with occasional mindfulness bells, and the random sounds of the morning).

The stream starts at about 6.15 am. So you’ll have time to find us, grab your cushion, and get settled.

Next sessions:

  • December 12, 19. No sit on December 5 or 26.

How to join us

Fire up Facebook on your phone, tablet or computer. Go to our Facebook page where you should be able to see the live stream. You may need to scroll up and down the page a little for the stream to show up.